Absolutely not.  Our program allows you to train at your own pace and is designed to improve your fitness levels.

 Yes.  The program is year around and you can start at any time.

Comfortable clothing like sweats and a t-shirt is best.

We prefer that students are in uniform; however, if you forget yours you can ask the instructor if you can train.  Most academies do not allow this but we may if it is not a regular occurance.

Yes.  Age comes into play but for most there are options to train together.

Yes.  Our owner is also a Licensed Physical Therapist, so safety is paramount.

Absolutely!  Kevin, our owner, is the only Certified Anti-Bullying Expert in the area.  He is Certified in Verbal Judo which is a de-escalation communication program for children.  It teaches them how to deal before, during and after bullying.

All you need is you.  You will need a uniform which we have in stock and can size you after you join.

Jiu Jitsu is perfect for all ages.  We have had students from 3 to 70!

 No.  Generally, 30% of the student body competes and the other 70% trains for self-defense and fitness.

Yes.  Our classes are co-ed.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the absolute best form of self-defense for women.

Yes.  Many students have old injuries to work around.  Being owned and lead by a physical therapist greatly helps us make our program available to everyone.

No.  You can enroll straight from this website.

Yes and No.  You can always drop in but we prefer an appointment so we can allot time to thoroughly answer any questions that you may have.

Yes.  It is your choice how much you train.  Although, the more you can train the better you get.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!