• Attend class as regularly as possible.
  • Don’t try to learn techniques from the internet, just focus on mastering class instruction.
  • Have fun and make training enjoyable.
  • Drill slow at first until you have a good understanding and kinetic smoothness, then increase your speed until at 100%.
  • When sparring, focus on relaxing and breathing.  The techniques will come just pay attention to what more experienced practitioners are trying to do to you.

To get good you will need Feel, Timing and Experience.  These only come with mat time.

  • No photos or video-taping the classes.  Please make aware any family and friends that may observe the class. This could void your membership.  You can take pictures of belt rank promotions with permission.
  • Bow when entering and exiting the mat.
  • Please remove shoes before entering the mat.
  • No food, drink, gum or electronic devices are allowed on the mat.
  • Always have shoes on immediately upon exiting the mat.
  • A shirt or rash guard should always be worn before and after class and under the Gi during training.
  • Please help create a great atmosphere by greeting team-mates and making all new students and visitors feel welcome.
  • Please address Black Belt Instructors as professors and Non-Black Belt Instructors as Coach.
  • Please use only respectful language and behavior, especially around minors. No Foul language inside the Academy.
  • When the instructor is demonstrating techniques please sit or stand in good posture.
  • Absolutely no coaching your children or other students during the class.
  • Please stay on task and continue doing that task until the instructor says otherwise. You can never drill a technique too many times.
  • Before stepping foot on the mat, make sure to have your entire Gi on as well as a properly tightened belt.
  • Please keep fingers and toenails short and trimmed.
  • Please remove all jewelry, piercings and other related items before entering the mat.
  • Always shake/touch hands before and after each sparring session / roll.
  • Please try to be on time to class. If you arrive late, wait at the entrance of the mat until the instructor acknowledges you and says it’s okay for you to join.
  • Ask instructor’s permission to leave before exiting the mat if class has not officially dismissed.
  • Students and assistant instructors should refrain from chatting while the instructor(s) are talking. 
  • Always be aware of force applied during submission attempts.  Everyone is learning together, and safety should be paramount.
  • No cell phone on the mat during class.  Instructors may use for pictures or timers.
  • Always wear a clean uniform, rash guard, etc…  with no other team patches unless granted permission by the instructor.
  • Always be humble.
  • Please feel free to ask questions.  There are no dumb questions.
  • Enjoy yourself and learn…learn…learn!

These policies may seem formal but are necessary in a martial art where should these rules be absent could be dangerous.

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